• Classroom Expectations:


    It is expected that all students at Big Sandy High School take PRIDE in being a Pioneer. 
    Take Pride in your Education:
    • Come to class on time and be in your seat when the bell rings. 
    • Bring all class materials with you
    • Be ready to learn
    Respect Fellow Students:
    • Use appropriate language
    • Allows others to finish speaking before you begin
    • Keep comments positive 
    Show Integrity in all you do:
    •  Do your own work
    • Expect others to do their own work
    • Show your BSHS pride & follow school expectations even when nobody is watching
    Be a Dependable student:
    •  Come to school every day
    • Complete assignments
    Give your best Effort every day:
    •  Keep trying, even when it seems too hard
    • Ask for help when needed
    Electronics policy:
    • I strongly encourage the appropriate use of technology in my classroom. School issued Chrome books will be used daily.  Students will be expected to keep their personal devices powered off unless directed to use them. 
    • Devices will be used for educational purposes only.


    Discipline Policy:
    Deviations from class expectations keep all students from learning. When a student does not meet class expectations, the following steps will be taken:
    Step 1: I will briefly conference with the student in an attempt to correct the behavior (warning)
    Step 2: The student will be expected to stay after class to discuss the behavior and develop a plan for improvement
    Step 3: The student will be expected to call home and inform his/her parent of the behavioral situation. The student will also be expected to fill out a behavior modification form. The student will also receive one-half hour detention to be served within 48 hours of the offense. 
    Step 4: The student will be referred to administration for further intervention. A parent/teacher/administration meeting will be set up to discuss behavioral issues. 
    Lab Expectations: 
    Appropriate behavior in the lab is a must. Expectations regarding safety and proper behavior will be clearly defined/reviewed at the beginning of each laboratory period. This ensures that all students will be able to participate in labs in a safe manner. Violations of lab expectations will result in the following, in addition to phone call/email to the parent/guardian:

    a.     1st time: student will be removed from the lab, placed in the classroom and will receive a zero for that lab.

    b.     2nd time: students will be removed from the current lab, placed in the classroom, receive a zero for the lab, and not be allowed in lab until the student has adequately reviewed lab safety rules with Mrs. Schwarzach

    c.      3rd time: students will be removed from the current lab, receive a zero, and not be allowed back in lab until the student has conferenced with Mrs. Schwarzbach, Mr. Moore and a parent/guardian.



    Classroom procedures:
    • In order to maximize student learning, it will be expected that tasks which require students to be out of their seats (such as pencil sharpening and handing in of assignments) be done at the beginning and/or end of the class period. When those situations arise that require students leave their seats, it is expected that the student quickly and quietly attend to their needs and return immediately to their seat as to minimize disruption. 
    • Students need to be in class in order to be maximizing their learning opportunity. Trips out of the room (washroom, office, etc.) will be limited. 
    • When students are out of the classroom, it is expected that they will keep their voices to a whisper to minimize disruption to other classrooms. Students should attend to their business and report back to class immediately.