• Big Sandy Booster Club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Big Sandy Senior Center. Please join us!


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  • Lifetime Booster Members

    Burke and Florence Allen

    Bart Bitz

    Leo and Evelyn Bitz

    Paul Bley

    Dale and Carrie Cline

    Shane and Ruth Ann Cline

    Ray and Carla Courtnage

    Rod and Elaine Courtnage

    Charlie and Janet Danreuther

    Keith and Patti Danreuther

    Russ and Nona Danreuther

    Clay and Kelly Dixon

    Jim and Marla Drga

    Charlie and Lil Foussard

    Larry and Crystal Geyer

    John and Debbie Grass

    John Gunhold

    Kyra Hafliger

    Reggie Jappe

    Kent and Janna Johnson

    Tom and Ruth Hlavnicka

    Pete Madison

    Ken Martin

    Alan and Lorrie Merrill

    Angus and Ruth Merrill

    Ralph Merrill

    Valerie Morger

    Marlys Myers

    Bob and Jane Nelson

    Leonard and Lillian Odziemski

    Ron and Adele Otto

    Curt Owen

    Allan and Shirley Pearson

    Robin and Cinda Pearson

    Ron and Gay Pearson

    Rick Pokorny

    Cindy Pokorny

    Clay Ray

    Jim and Marla Ray

    Jim and Terry Rettig

    Verlin and Patty Reichelt

    Vern and Helen Richter

    Ross and Rhonda Ritter

    Rich and Jeri Roth

    Sheri Roth

    Gerald and Linda Rutledge

    Kelly and Kristie Rutledge

    Daren and Tracy Schuster

    Dave and Linda Schwarzbach

    Jesse and Pat Sewell

    Marjorie Sheehy

    Tom and Kim Sheehy

    Wayne and Sonia Silvan

    Chuck and Shirley Simpson

    Tom Stokes

    Kurt and Cheryl Strutz

    Roger Terry

    Kim Torgerson

    Kerry and Donna Upham

    Laura Velk

    Stan and Nancy Weaver

    Robert and Judy Williams

    Jennifer Williams

    Jolene Darlington Williams

    Randy Williams

    Thad and Melissa Willis

    Dan and Rhonda Works

    Ken and Brenda Yirsa