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    What have we been up to??

    Hello Big Sandy!

    As the new semester is upon us, I thought it would be a great time to look back at some of the excellent work our students have been completing! 

    Government students have been hard at work assessing the exhilerating world of American politics. Especially in the current climate, understanding and analyzing Media Sources could not be more essential. Take a look at the website we created which takes a look at several popular media sources and their biases: https://sites.google.com/s/1DrbIW7B5grt1WYPMxsFVmKg4qtBEoY6_/p/1SMr22xODJuU4ltvrLveqtDuzSoKwuqeC/edit.  


    American History students have been really excited to finally study the American Civil War! Take a look at some political cartoons they created that visually represent some causes of the Civil War: 

    "When it rains it pours..."      "Building a House of Cards"

    Keep at eye out for their upcoming Civil War Battle presentations that gave students a chance to revert back to the childhood fun and use toy soldiers!


    World History students have now started exploring the world of Feudal Europe-knights, kings, wars, and the plague. But I was very pleased with the turnout for a project that centered more aorund the little known world of ancient Asia. Take a look at some of my favorite and funny Fakebooks!: 




    Psychology students have recently finished a unit devoted to Learning, so Classical and Operant Conditioning. It might be worth a laugh to ask them what the best tactics are for training animals (and humans alike!). Maybe mention "Pavlov" and see if you can get some watering of the mouth :) Check back soon for some pictures of their Memory Experiments which they are just finishg-up. 


    Congratulations to  7th and 8th grade students who will be particpating in the Geogrpahy Bee: Tavie Wortman, Hunter Snapp, Rusty Gasvoda, and Lance Rutledge! 

     E-Mail: ewheeler@bigsandy.k12.mt.us 


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