• Hello and welcome to Pep Band!
    All 7-12 band students are required to perform in the pep band.  We will perform at one (1) home football game, one (1) home volleyball game, and eight (8) home basketball games.  Each home game is worth 25 points and all band students are required to perform at 80% of the previously mentioned home games.  Each student may miss up to two (2) games without being penalized.  Anyone who misses more than two (2) home games will receive a zero (0) for each one they miss and will not be permitted to travel with the band during tournaments.  The games are listed on the calendar and students will need to be there thirty (30) minutes before the first Varsity game.
    If you have any questions, please contact me at 378-2502. 
    The first game we will play pep band at is the Volleyball game on Oct. 6 and then Chili Feed on Oct. 12.