About Big Sandy Schools

Demographics of
Big Sandy Public Schools


2019-20              214 students K-12 


Big Sandy Schools currently employs 22 certified teachers in grades K-12. Years teaching experience range from 1-42 years. Big Sandy Schools has one full-time Superintendent and one full-time principal that split their time between both buildings.
Classified staff include 6 paraprofessionals, 3 cooks, 3 custodians, 2 secretaries, and 1 business manager.


Big Sandy Schools currently operates on a 4 day week schedule which has been a positive change for our school and community.


Big Sandy Schools has a strong athletic tradition in Girls Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, and Track as well as Boys Basketball, Football, Wrestling and Track. Several state winning teams have come from these programs. Solid FFA, Music and Science programs also provide students with extracurricular opportunities.


All classrooms at Big Sandy Schools have SMART Boards installed and all staff have laptop computers and projectors in their classrooms. Other technologies in the school include Chromebooks for every student Grades 2-12, I-pads in K and 1, Kindle Fires, 2 computer labs, a large variety of academic software and graphing calculators are available for students. All communication is done electronically throughout the school system via G Mail. Teachers post lesson plans on the school web page (www.bigsandy.k12.mt.us). Big Sandy Schools utilizes Infinite Campus for their Student Information System and Blackboard for their webpage. Big Sandy Schools is committed to the integration of technology into the school system.

Class size

Class size in the high school vary from 8 to 20 students per class. It is a load that gives teachers the ability to enhance their teaching skills and expand their curriculum. In the elementary school the Kindergarten is full-time. Grades K-6 are each self contained classrooms. Grades 7-12 are departmentalized.