Pioneer Football Fans: KMON will broadcasting our game vs. Sunburst on Saturday night! Tune in at 6 p.m. for all of your live football action!
about 17 hours ago, Melanie Schwarzbach
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School Pictures were delivered today and will be sent home with your child sometime this week.
2 days ago, Heather Wolery
Pioneer Athletic Events for the week of September 25th Tuesday, Sept 26: JV/V Volleyball @ Cascade, 5 p.m. (No JHFB game) Friday, Sept 29: JHB/JHA/JV/V Volleyball @ Centerville, 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept 30: JHB/JHA Volleyball @ Chinook, 11 a.m., JV Volleyball @ North Star Showcase; Varsity football hosts Sunburst, 6 p.m.
3 days ago, Melanie Schwarzbach
Tootle award recipients - full of smiles!
3 days ago, Suzanna Johnson
Pioneers come home with the win! šŸ’œšŸˆšŸ’›
4 days ago, Heather Wolery
Week 5 is almost done, we are just flying through September! Lots of sports action happening tonight in Rudyard; Jr. High Football, Jr. High Volleyball, and JV and Varsity Volleyball. Football starts at 4, Volleyball at 4:30! Have a great weekend everyone!
6 days ago, Heather Wolery
sept 25-28
WOW, that was battle... Pioneers lose to the Hawks 1-3
11 days ago, Heather Wolery
Pioners win in Valier tonight! šŸ’œšŸˆšŸ’›
12 days ago, Heather Wolery
Students receive Tootles for being helpful and kind!
13 days ago, Suzanna Johnson
Agenda for regularly scheduled board of trustees meeting Tuesday, September 19th, 2023.
13 days ago, Mary Merrill
Agenda for regular board meeting 9/19/23
second page agenda
Happy Thursday! Check out what is happening next week! Also Parents- If you would like to sign into Rooms on your computer, there's a link on the website, check it out!
13 days ago, Heather Wolery
sept 11-15
Football and Volleyball Program Gear Fundraiser!! Orders forms and $$ can be turned into Wendy at the Main Office..... All checks payable to Farmhouse Rags. ALL ORDERS due by 9/30/23.
16 days ago, Wendy Taylor
Pioneers Athletics Events for the week of September 11th Thursday, Sept. 14th: HS Volleyball @ Hays. JV @ 4, Double header varsity, +20 Friday, Sept. 15th: Football @ Valier. JH @ 4, Varsity @ 7. Saturday, Sept. 16th: Volleyball hosts CJI. JHB @ 4, JHA +15, JV +15, Varsity + 20.
18 days ago, Melanie Schwarzbach
It was a battle tonight but the Pioneers came out with the win! šŸ’œšŸ’›šŸˆ
18 days ago, Heather Wolery
vs Dgsg
Volleyball scores from today's game against Highwood
19 days ago, Heather Wolery
vs Highwood
Hooray for our first Tootle Champs of the year!
20 days ago, Suzanna Johnson
Happy Friday Everyone- The Volleyball Girls are Headed to Highwood soon to take on the Mountaineers, and Remember the Football game scheduled for tonight has been moved to tomorrow. Jr. High starts at 4 and Varsity at 7. GO PIONEERS
20 days ago, Heather Wolery
sept 11-15
Volleyball Scores from Last nights game vs. Box Elder
20 days ago, Heather Wolery
vs Box Elder
Pioneer football fans: due to a lack of available officials on Friday, the Pioneers will host DGSG on Saturday. 4 pm JH, 7 pm Varsity
21 days ago, Melanie Schwarzbach
Pioneer football fans: Our JV game in Rudyard has been cancelled due to poor air quality.
22 days ago, Melanie Schwarzbach